Knowing the formula

Science of Success

Super-charge your team with 20+ years of experience developing custom product offerings and market strategies.

Difference-makers in industry

The MIRA Advantage

Our advantage is a synergy of high quality relationships, unique industry experience, and possessing the scientific understanding necessary to drive innovation. 

Science & Innovation

A background in research and business innovation allows us to bridge the gap between creating scientific advances and bringing them to market.

Industry Experience

Decades of industry experience and key industry relationships help bypass the many pitfalls that plague brands trying to expand their market footprint.

Loyalty & Trust

A commitment to establishing a palpable sense of trust, and an unfaltering loyalty to our many partners + clients is the foundation of who we are, and what we do.


The future of business

Spanning Silos

MIRA focusses on spanning the silos of market innovation, communication, and technology to bring ideas to life.

Our valued relationships

What our Clients Have to Say...

Projecting good vibes

The Art of Showing Love

We put love and kindness into everything we do, and find it to be the ultimate reward above all else. The simple act of caring deeply about our work, and about others in the world is the true MIRA advantage.