Getting out the message

Active Sales & Marketing

MIRA has the talent + experience necessary to hack through the mire, and create efficient strategies for growth.

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Sound fundamentals

Sales & Marketing Services

Our team is capable of providing expert service in both B2C and B2B marketspaces. 

Marketing Strategy

We provide crucial insight necessary to help chart the path ahead, and enumerate tangible objectives based on realistic assumptions.

Creative Design

Our creative team intellectualizes the business need, and provides enterprise-level creative support across the entire brand offering.

Sales Channels

We are the shortcut to enterprise by getting products on shelves/online, and helping clients connect the dots to close big deals.

Content Engine

Our team works with brands to develop regular impactful content that acts as fuel for marketing fire.

PR + Social

We provide an organized system for brands to navigate the many pitfalls that come with modern PR and social media.

Influencer Marketing

Our team leverages its network and experience to identify influencers and channels to act as mass repeaters of our content.


We act as a "partner" or extension of your existing management team when it comes to business development.


We determine the best advertising channels, build necessary creative, and scrutinize the analytics to maximize ROI.

Customer Care

We help brands improve their customer outreach and sales process with tools like CRMs, email automation, and customer support plans that can scale.

Branding, identity, & communication

Making An impression

Any misstep along the way is a recipe for disaster. MIRA has the ability to get it right every time.


Marketing tech

Working the Numbers

Our marketing techs analyze brand communications, find the strategies that stick, and scale them.

Sales channels & influence

Finding an Audience

We utilize influence to find an audience, and supply the sales channels to meet them where they are.

The bigger picture

Bringing it all Together

Our team of marketing experts can provide the extension of your team needed to design products and create effective campaigns, capable of producing results over the long term.